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High Tensile Bolts

Different Grades of High Tensile Bolts

When it comes to purchasing Bolts, you need to find the right grade of a bolt to make sure you have a solid and durable fix. Bolts are steel fasteners that come with external male threads. Their primary use is to assemble two unthreaded objects, usually with the help of a nut. If you are looking for detailed information on this topic, then this article is just for you. In this article, we will explain different grades of bolts. So, without any further ado, let’s head to the key points!

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Why are Nuts and Bolts Hexagonal

Why are Nuts and Bolts Hexagonal?

Hexagon has become the most widely recognized shape in which bolts and nuts, and numerous other fasteners, are manufactured. Portrayed by the presence of six sides, hexagonal fasteners are utilized in varied assortments.

Nuts and bolts go together, and without any one of them, you can’t make strong and stable equipment. They are intended to reinforce together whatever they are holding. The nuts are the ones with the strung openings, and they are coordinated with bolts intended to fit specific ones. Continue reading

Why Should You Never Delay Your Car Service_

Why Should You Never Delay Your Car Service?

Are you thinking of delaying the service of your car? Well, you might need to think again! Servicing is nothing but a fundamental health check of your car. It is an expense however, the potential costs of lack of service may be much higher. It also poses some serious safety threats. It leads to some major problems with the engine, transmission, and suspension of your car. The ideal timeline of service may vary from vehicle to vehicle because of many factors. Continue reading

The best parts about driving a Jaguar

Jaguar E type nuts and boltsThe automotive supplies industry is one we have been part of for several decades now. Our specific focus is on distributing the highest quality fastenings and fixings. Our inventory is broad and includes products to suit various needs. We even have parts for specific makes and models, including Jaguar E type nuts and bolts as well as many more. Expect first class products that you can buy for low prices. Continue reading

Why are car bumpers so important?

At Wrights Auto Supplies we work hard to offer the widest collection of automotive supplies. Our speciality is fixings and fastenings, including bumper set screws as well as other essential bolts and rivets. With over forty years of experience, we are a company that people can buy from with complete confidence. We can also help customers to choose the right products if they have any issues. Continue reading