You will find using bolts to be highly beneficial

Our friendly family run business is here to provide its customers with a myriad of auto supplies. This includes everything from fixings to electrical parts. We also have UNF bolts available for anyone who needs them. Due to bulk purchasing, you won’t have to pay high prices for your merchandise either.

Bolts are one of the most basic types of fasteners. They are appropriate for a multitude of tasks though, making them very popular. The range of sizes and choice of different materials expands how useful they are. If you compare them to other fasteners, they also have a plethora of benefits.

A mechanical advantage

For instance, bolts offer users a mechanical advantage. Driving one in doesn’t require as much force as it does with a nail. For anyone using hand tools, this can turn projects into far easier affairs. If you own power tools, bolts don’t need too much force. Moreover, this places less strain on the motor of your tool.


UNF boltsYou may have expected to hear this, but bolts are incredibly strong. With nails, there is the possibility of them coming loose after the materials they link start expanding and shrinking. A bolt counters this concern and will carry on creating a strong bond. Since they have more strength, users don’t need as many fixings. Furthermore, they can position them further apart. This lowers the project costs and speeds everything up. If your project requires UNF bolts, let us know.

Rust resistance

The bolts have excellent rust resistant properties as well. It is the strong, tight bond that makes this possible. This stops contaminants and moisture from encountering the metal shaft area. Even if the bolt’s head starts rusting, the shaft will remain in great condition. It will also carry on holding.


There is also the variety to consider. Bolts of several differing thread patterns and sizes have been designed especially for use with various materials. These include on concrete, sheet metal, drywall, and wood. By using the correct bolt variant, you can augment previously mentioned benefits like strength.

Removing them isn’t hard

UNF boltIf you have any concerns about removing the fasteners, then don’t. It is easier to remove a bolt than it is with other products. Staples and nails often demand you use a special tool to pry them loose. Bolts on the other hand back out with you using the same tool you used to drive them in. Because they seldom bend when you remove them, it is entirely possible to reuse them. You can even put them back in their old homes without undermining their strength.

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