Why are car bumpers so important?

At Wrights Auto Supplies we work hard to offer the widest collection of automotive supplies. Our speciality is fixings and fastenings, including bumper set screws as well as other essential bolts and rivets. With over forty years of experience, we are a company that people can buy from with complete confidence. We can also help customers to choose the right products if they have any issues.

Car bumpers

Bumper set screwsCars have many different safety features to make it safer for drivers, other road users and pedestrians. The front and rear bumpers are just one of them, but they serve a very important purpose. Their main aim is to protect vital parts of the vehicle in a slow speed crash. They will absorb a lot of the shock to preserve things like the chassis, engine, cooling system, and exhaust.

Before they had bumpers, even a small collision could damage vital parts of a vehicle. It could even disfigure and damage the chassis, affecting things like steering and performance. With bumpers, this is less likely and you can continue to drive most modern vehicles after a slow speed collision.

In addition to protecting the vehicle, the bumpers help to protect pedestrians if they are ever struck by a vehicle. Again the fact that a bumper will absorb some of the force from the impact makes it better for the pedestrian.

The bumpers also affect the performance and aesthetics of a vehicle. With them, vehicles are more aerodynamic and look better. There are lots of different types and styles of bumper to choose from. Some people choose to replace the stock one on their vehicle so they can personalise it.

Fitting them in place

Bumper screwsCar bumpers are held in place with durable bumper set screws and usually have beams and shock absorbers. All the components that hold the bumpers in place must be high quality so they do not move. At Wrights Auto Supplies, we only stock high quality products. We use our extensive experience and technical knowledge to ensure we have screws, bolts, and other items that our clients can rely on.

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