How to take your car to the nearest fuel station if it’s running out?

No matter how much you have prepared to not run out of gas when you are out on the roads, you can face such situations anytime, anywhere. In our busy lives and packed schedule, it becomes difficult to keep track of every little thing, every other minute.

This holds for the maintenance of your car and its fuel. Although it is advisable to plan accurately if you live in a remote place or outside the city where there are no filling stations, surprises can occur anytime. Knowing what to do in that situation can save you from the hassle. Let’s help you with some best practices!

Safety First

Find a safe place away from the highway. Parking at a safe place means you are at a safe distance, away from the busy road. Always turn on the hazard lights whenever you run out of gas. It is important particularly when the sun is down. It might alert the other drivers to slow down and indicate that you are in some emergency. If by any chance you get stuck in the middle of the road, then drag the car nearby by pushing and steering it to a safe place or corner of the road. Don’t forget to turn hazard lights on.

Know your Location and Seek Help

After sunset and even during the day time, it may become difficult to know where you are. It’s good to refer to the navigation or seek help from someone around. This would let you give clear directions to anyone you might want to call for help.

You might want to call your close friends or family for help if you are feeling unsafe. If nothing works, then the last resort may be to walk or take help from fellow drivers. Find someone who can help to bring some gas from the nearest station. But do caution while accepting help from others because you don’t know them. Assess carefully who you can trust and who you can not.

Call Towing Service or Emergency Services

You may call towing services who can help you tow away the vehicle to a safe place. If nothing works, and you sense any form of danger, it is advisable to call the cops. You can also call your insurance provider and seek roadside assistance services.

Final Word

It is always good to take some measures to avoid facing such a situation again. But even if you fall in such situations, you just need to stay calm and not panic.

Buy some insurance policies or opt for roadside assistance services that can cover you from such inconveniences. Know your surroundings before moving out and keep a track of fuel level. Don’t wait for the gas to run out and fill it up proactively before it is about to end.